And Jesus said to them,

Go into all the world and  proclaim the gospel  to the whole creation.

What are you doing to fulfill that request ?
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Athletes 4Christ
If you have  made it this website, you most likely received a free scripture card of one of the many verses in the Bible, featuring of one of many Athletes4Christ that we have featured, young or old, professional or amateur.

Our mission is to spread the word of Christ, as He said to do. That is what we are doing. Can you help us with this mission?

We survive on Faith, and donations, no matter how small. This is it. Do you believe in this mission, in what He said? 
Thank you for your generous donation to support us and our mission.


Drew Brees, Future NFL Hall of Famer and the man some call "Breesus"
Rory McIlroy
Thank  You
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