I believe that God has spoken to me, given me this mission, this idea, to reach people, children especially, in this unique way.

I am just an elementary PE coach/teacher, in a PUBLIC SCHOOL. While I wear the CROSS every single day in front of my students, and I try to let Christ shine through me, I can only do so much in the public school setting. I do know I have reached many students and families, and I feel lucky, fortunate, and blessed to be able to do so. But I need your help to do more.

What could be better than using this love, this passion, this tool in a way to get kids to grow up memorizing, not stats, but Scripture! Learn the Bible! In a fun way. Kids love sports. Kids all around the world love sports. 

So this is my mission. Spread the word of Christ, as we were told to do. This is a unique & effective way.

My goal is to achieve enough support through donations that I can make this my full-time life, reaching kids from city to city, state to state, and across the oceans to other countries.

Chinese kids love NBA basketball players, like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul.
African kids do too.
European and South Africans love real football. There are many great Christian football players these kids idolize. See our athlete list, which is just a fraction of the many great Christian athletes around this planet. 

Have you or your church made a donation yet, and if you do, make sure we get your contact info/address so we can send you some scripture cards of your favorite player.
Nothing in life feels better than knowing you have helped a child go down the right path, the path to Jesus.

If you want to bless this mission at all, small or big, with a tax-deductible donation, thank you. Athletes4Christ is a NON-profit 501c.

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