Tom Brady, Chad Pennington
Drew Brees, Matt Hasselbeck
Aaron Rodgers
Patrick Willis, Craig Dahl, Colin Kaepernick
Tony Romo, John Phillips, Miles Austin
Philip Rivers
Jamaal Charles and Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck, assisting injured opponent on crutches
Jon Kitna, Marion Barber, Dez Bryant, Shaun Hill
Ryan Pickett  ("Spill it Pickett!"}
James Jones
Andy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Matt Forte, Josh McCown 
Hakeem Nicks, Calvin Megatron Johnson
Reggie White, Cris Carter                                                  Victor Cruz
Brian Dawkins, Jason Avant
Kevin Durant
Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Matt Forte, Andy Dalton
In case you haven't noticed, the media (the majority of it) do their best to hide these things.

They hate when athletes and coaches give thanks to Jesus, Glory to God.

Did you even know Tom Brady was a Christian?

Tony Romo?
Drew Brees?
Peyton Manning?
Colin Kaepernick?
Calvin Johnson?

Maybe not. They cut away from the aftergame prayer moments as soon as they can. They avoid these scenes.

Reggie White and Kurt Warner and more recently, Tim Tebow made it obvious. They didn't shy away from the criticism.

But the NFL sure ran Tebow out of the league pretty quickly didn't they?

And he won a playoff game. With his arm.

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